Revolutionary Advancements in Cosmetics’ Active Ingredients Development

Active ingredients, the essential elements in cosmetics, play a vital role in showcasing product efficacy and setting our offerings apart from competitors. With the expanding Thai cosmetic sector, both domestically and globally, there is a growing interest in Thai extracts. Therefore, to establish enduring brand competitiveness, it is crucial to foster innovation through extensive research and development.

Thailand’s geographical location in the lush tropics of Asia, coupled with its rich biodiversity, makes biotechnological research pivotal in propelling the growth of the local cosmetic industry. Renowned for its exceptional biodiversity, the country possesses a well-established agricultural sector and advanced processing techniques. However, during these processes, numerous byproducts are generated and often left unused, presenting an opportunity for our mission: developing extracts from agricultural commodities and unlocking the untapped value of agro-industrial byproducts. This endeavor aims to provide high-value raw materials to the Thai beauty industry and the global market, thereby creating new possibilities.

How will you benefit from our assistance?

• Expert guidance on selecting active substances in cosmetics based on specific product types.
• Identification and categorization of departments specializing in innovative active ingredient knowledge.
• Access to cutting-edge, advanced active compounds with proven efficacy for inclusion in product formulations. Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive report that includes usage information.
• Assistance in obtaining permission from reputable research institutions to utilize their extracts, as well as support in introducing the extract in various formats.


Active Ingredient

By fostering collaborative partnerships with research institutions and numerous affiliated organizations, TIBD has successfully developed a robust network of researchers. This network enables us to extract valuable compounds from plants, including agricultural commodities and other natural resources. Our research at TIBD has yielded significant findings regarding these extracts, showcasing their efficacy as vital ingredients in the cosmetics industry.



A beauty clay that removes excess oil and absorbs toxins on the face.



Pineapple Extract helps reduce wrinkles and dark spots on the face.


Green Tea Extract

Protect skin from aging and add moisture to nourish the skin.


Star gooseberry Extract

Inhibit bacteria and relieve inflammation caused by acne.


Safflower Extract

Helps the skin retain moisture, nourishes the brain, and slows down the aging process.


White crane flower Extract

Inhibit bacteria Relieves hair loss and skin diseases


Moringa Extract

Reduce wrinkles of age strengthen collagen Soften skin

Damask rose

Damask Rose Extract

Inhibit acne reduce dark spots and help alleviate various diseases



Whitening, Smooth skin, and Metabolism


Passion Fruit Extract

Inhibits fungi and bacteria and helps in the absorption of iron


Red sorrel Extract

Antioxidants that reduce inflammation and aid the nervous system

Black cumin

Black cumin

It is a barrier to protect the skin from bacteria and helps to relieve symptoms related to the brain


Black Galingale Extract

Slow down skin degradation, keep skin moisturised, and aid in the inhibition of cancer-causing chemicals.


Rice berry bran oil

Maintain skin hydration by nourishing it. Sunscreen protects the skin from damages.


Lotus Extract

Soothe acne inflammation and reveal smooth, clean skin while also strengthening the body and nervous system.



Turmeric Extract has antimicrobial properties. Aids in the relief of allergic responses, inflammation, redness, and rashes.

Beta Glucan


Slow the degradation of the skin that creates wrinkles and aid in the relief of irritation caused by external pollutants.


Protein Hydrolysate

Rice bran extract aids in the restoration of dry and damaged hair, leaving it soft, silky, and lustrous.


Centella asiatica

Relieves itching from fungi, reduce irritation , protects skin from pollution


Mak Kuang Extract

Bacterial inhibition, irritation relief, and anti-acne properties.


Indian gooseberry Extract

Rich in vitamin C, white skin, reduce wrinkles.


False Daisy Extract

Resolving the issue of premature grey hair and reduces hair loss.

Cha muang

Cha-Muang Extract

Bacterial inhibition reduces acne production and alleviates skin issues.


Brahmi Extract

Bacterial inhibitors promote hair growth and aid in brain nutrition for learning and memory.



Moisturizing with oil control It has the effect of reducing acne and skin condition inflammation.


Sunrose Willow Extract

wrinkles are reduced slow down the degeneration of aged skin.


White Mulberry Root Extract

Fungal inhibition, anti-inflammatory, and helps to relieve stress.


Royal Jelly

Strengthen the body’s immune system by nourishing the body and neurological system.


Tamarind Extract

Have anti-inflammatory properties and aid in wound healing.


Xanthone Prickly Pear Oil Nanoemulsion

Enhance flexibility add moisture as a skin barrier.

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