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“Deep Tech” is transforming various industries, including dietary supplements and cosmetics. Essentially, it refers to cutting-edge technology. TIBD, our organization, relies on scientific advancements and collaborations with researchers from educational institutions and various agencies to create groundbreaking products with high potential for the human body. In our research and development journey, we focus on the education and enhancement of the potential of Thai herbs by integrating traditional knowledge with modern and advanced technology. By analyzing the properties of herbs, isolating their active components, and finding the best way to incorporate these extracts into our products, we aim to deliver under our product brand “Genez.”


Genez was established with a vision to develop efficient and safe dietary supplements for consumers. The formulation focuses on natural extracts with innovative approaches and promotes research on Thai herbs. The brand name is inspired by the word “Genius” and carries a hidden scientific meaning, which is the term “gene,” representing the units that control various genetic characteristics in living organisms’ bodies.


Breathe better, feel better


Nutritional supplement products for lung care and maintenance, with extracts derived from Plectranthus amboinicus (Thai Oregano)

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