Testing and Analysis of Important Substances

Testing and analysis of important substances service is aimed at checking the effectiveness of the extracts before its utilization in the product’s formula development. Another usage case of this service is to check the effectiveness of the important substances in finished product, to confirm the properties of the active substances, and prove its safety for consumers within the specified standards. After testing and analysis has been conducted successfully you will receive documents that support effectiveness and safety of the substance for its utilization in the product.

Our Tests and Analysis of Important Substances Services

We offer wide range of Tests and Analysis of Important Substances services in Thailand and Asia.

การทดสอบการยับยั้งเอนไซม์ไทโรซิเนส (Anti-Tyrosinase)

Efficacy Test

Comprehensive Efficacy Testing of Active Ingredients and Cosmeceutical Products service.


Safety Test

Cosmetic safety testing services that strictly follows the guidelines of OECD.

What will you get from this service?

  1. Examine and analyze important substances for safe utilization.
  2. Check the effectiveness of important substances, such as how good the result after use etc.
  3. Receive documents confirming the performance and safety tests, issued by authorized agencies with the international standards.
  4. Get more trust from consumers, because today consumers are starting to pay more attention to product safety, and its confirmation documents.

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