Active Ingredient testing and Analysis Services

The testing and analysis of Active Ingredients are conducted to assess the efficacy of the extracts before using them in the development of product formulations or to evaluate the performance of Active Ingredients in the products. This is done to determine how the Active Ingredients perform when used and ensure they meet the required safety standards for consumer use. After the testing and analysis of Active Ingredients, you will receive documentation that demonstrates the efficacy and safety of the substance for proper utilization.

Our Tests and Analysis of Important Substances Services

We offer wide range of Tests and Analysis of Important Substances services in Thailand and Asia.

การทดสอบการชะลอวัย (Anti-Aging Effect)

(Anti-Aging Effect)

การทดสอบการกระตุ้นคอลลาเจน (Collagenesis Effect)

(Collagenesis Effect)




(Moisturizing Effect)

การทดสอบการยับยั้งและฆ่าเชื้อแบคทีเรีย (Anti-Bacteria)


การทดสอบการยับยั้งและฆ่าเชื้อไวรัส (Anti-Viral)


What will you get from our service?

1. Checking and analyzing Active Ingredients for safety in practical usage.
2. Evaluating the effectiveness of Active Ingredients, such as whether they produce visible results and how significant those results are.
3. Receiving documentation confirming the performance and safety testing from internationally recognized organizations.
4. Gaining consumer trust as consumers nowadays are paying more attention to product safety. Having documentation to support any requests is essential.


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