Consulting services for business creation and development

We are experts in business planning, business development, and help you find solutions to business problems you are facing. For those who run a business and experience problems such as sales fall, sales increase but profit decrease, want to change business model, or want to expand their business, as well as those who want to start a business but don’t know where to start, TIBD can help you find solutions to these problems. We have tools, ideas, consultants, experts who will be able to help solve various problems for your business appropriately and efficiently.

Sales & Marketing

We are experts in health and beauty industry

Business Advisory Services

Business consulting and management

Operational analysis identifying areas for improvement propose solutions that fit the development plan. 

Management consulting and financial planning

Analyze hidden costs associated with starting a business. Help identify and plan for expenses Financial Management.

Planning and formulating business strategy for sales department

Increase the sales efficiency of the team. Dig deeper into the workflow adjust sales points, improve customer relationship excellence.

Planning and formulating marketing strategies

Analyze current business model to create marketing plan and strategy manage content creation.

Consulting on business development production department.

Production planning, inventory management, routing importing and operating suitable machinery in the factory.

Human Resource Management

Organizational structure planning, set operational goals, increase individual and team productivity from training.

Internal Technology Development

Apply technology in the organization from analyzing work practices to improve work processes.

Strategy and Business Planning

Targeted marketing plan determine the direction and strategy of the business/marketing that is in line with the operational guidelines to create a business plan that is suitable for the business to grow.

Branding Consulting

Providing unique and distinct brand and business insights. Create a touchpoint that touches customers to create a positive experience.

Business Development Consulting

Increase business efficiency by finding problems that inhibit business growth and proposing solutions to them.

Service for writing business plans

TIBD All forms of company plans, such as those for bank loans and investor presentations, can be created with our assistance. The business plan submission academy is for business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to write a thorough and successful business plan. A strong business plan can aid in luring investors, supplying capital, and directing the operation of the company. Financial projections, market research, and a sound growth plan for businesses are all important in schooling. It is essential for TIBD to work cooperatively with clients to comprehend their business objectives, target markets, and financial forecasts in order to offer top-notch business plan writing services.

Services for financial planning consultation

To help organizations Improve financial performance by identifying inefficiencies, reducing costs, improving revenue generation. And to increase the efficiency of financial processes, TIBD is ready to provide financial advisory services as follows

  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Cost Management and Optimization
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial Risk Management and mergers and acquisitions

Sales department strategic consultancy services.

TIBD is prepared to assist in enhancing sales performance. Find a technique to boost your revenue. Create sales plans for your team that are in line with your organization’s objectives. A target market analysis may be part of this. Establishing a sales process and sales targets generating leads is one of them. Giving sales teams the abilities and information they need to be successful also aids in their training and development. This could involve coaching, advising, and sales training. to create a sales team based on a detailed and doable action plan so that the team may successfully achieve sales.

Consulting services for creating research projects

TIBD is the solution if you’re looking for a research assistant who offers the broadest range of services. We have a network of researchers thanks to our more than ten years of working together on research projects with diverse organizations. agencies and organizations engaged in extensive research, particularly in the fields of health and aesthetics. Our offerings range from Find the appropriate researchers Set routes and research objectives. From upstream raw resources until it becomes a product that is ready to be sold in the market, plan for commercial use of research and planning.

Articles in sales and marketing to develop business


Develop business to reach customers with Customer Journey


Set strategy and business plan with Business Model Canvas


Corporate Identity (CI) creates recognition with a brand identity.


 Develop personal potential through internal learning system

Our Experience

Sales and planning consulting services: sales department, marketing department and production department at Jai Jai Group Co., Ltd.

Course host: Concepts and elements of being a business development consultant at the Office of Science Development. and National Technology (NSTDA)

Speakers in the E-Learning course: preparation before meeting buyers, pitching techniques for business ideas for beginners and Innovation Thinking.

TEBC - Cosmetics Startup Course in collaboration with the Institute of Research and Development of Agricultural Products and Agro-Industry Kasetsart University

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