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TIBD is a company with a strong focus on health and beauty, and has an extensive expertise in this field. The company believes in strong collaboration and in bringing in all expertise together in order to provide excellent service to its customers. TIBD is in collaboration with top universities and research & development institutes in Thailand and around the globe.

We offer the following cosmetic safety testing services that strictly follows the guidelines of OECD

Skin Irritation Test for Cosmetic products and ingredients

Skin Irritation Test

Skin Irritation Test is used for identifying hazard chemical substances or ingredients that cause skin irritation.

Skin Corrosion Test for Cosmetic products and ingredients

Skin Corrosion Test

Skin corrosion is irreversible damage to skin after skin is exposed contact with corrosive chemical substances.

Phototoxicity Test for Cosmetic products and ingredients

Phototoxicity Test

Phototoxicity is a toxic reaction that occurs when the skin is exposed to the sunlight or environmental light..

Genotoxicity Test for Cosmetic products and Ingredients

Genotoxicity Test

Genotoxicity is the toxic that can be found in chemicals and has abilities to cause damage to genetic materials.

Skin Sensitization Test for Cosmetic products and ingredients

Skin Sensitization Test

Skin Sensitisation Test is used to discriminate skin sensitisers and non-sensitisers.

Acute Toxicity Test for Cosmetic products and ingredients

Acute Toxicity Test

This test is designed to determine acute toxicity of chemicals on embryonic stages of zebrafish.

Single Patch Test for Cosmetic products and ingredients

Single Patch Test

Single Patch Test is a method to discover if there are any specific substances used in cosmetic products.

HRIP Test for cosmetic products and ingredients


Human Repeated Insult Patch Test is designed to identify the potential risks of substances in the cosmetics.

Use Test for Cosmetic products and ingredients

Use Test

Use Test for Cosmetic Products is designed to discover the customers’ experiences of using the products.

Ocular Irritation Test for Cosmetic products and ingredients

Ocular Irritation Test

Ocular Irritation Test is identifies if a test chemical could cause eye irritation or eye damage.

About Safety testing of cosmetic ingredients and products

Safety testing of cosmetic ingredients and products is extremely important for consumers and for brand owners. Among many important reasons, the two important reasons to have the safety testing for cosmetic products and ingredients are to prevent themselves from unintentionally damaging their brand image and to prevent themselves from lawsuits.

Having your cosmetic ingredients and products safety tested can prevent brand owners and manufacturers from unintentionally damaging their brand images. If safety testing is done before the product is launched into the market, the manufacturers can be assured that their product is safe for consumers. In contrast, if the product is not safety tested and the safety issues arise from consumers after the product is already widely distributed in the market, it will then be difficult for the brand owners to collect the products back. Besides, the bad reviews about the brand then would already be widespread in the market through word of mouth. It is difficult to build a good brand image, but it could be damaged in a blink if the owners are not well prepared.

The use of unsafe cosmetic products could lead to very serious skin and health problems which consequently could end up in a lawsuit from either consumers or the government. As cosmetic products may contain natural ingredients, chemical based ingredients or mixers, it could cause allergy or skin irritation such as redness, rashes, itching, blisters, burning or even worse when in contact with human skin. Face and eye’s areas are the most vulnerable parts to allergy and irritation. In some cases, it could lead to even worse skin conditions such as skin corrosion or skin cancer after a certain period of time. Therefore, manufacturers and brand owners should take a serious consideration to conduct safety testing for their consumers’ safety in order for them to avoid lawsuits that could cost a huge amount of their fortune.

Safety Testing
Cosmetic Efficacy Testing Services

What are the benefits of Safety testing of cosmetic ingredients and products?

Testing the safety of the cosmetic ingredients and products does not only provide the benefit of preventing unwanted damage to the brand’s image and lawsuits, it also comes with additional benefits which are increasing the credibility of the products and boosting the confidence of consumers to try the products.

With the safety tested certification from accredited institutes, the product’s credibility will certainly increase. In a world where there is a fierce competition in the market of health and beauty, customers are unlikely to try the products that do not have safety proof as the cosmetic product will be directly used on their skin or face. The safety test report and certification from accredited institutes will help the brand owners to overcome the market entry barriers especially when they are new to the market or the product is new to the market. With the proof that the product is safe, the consumers will have confidence in trying the products.

Who can apply for the service?

We serving a wide range of companies in the beauty market, such as:

  • Cosmetic Ingredients Suppliers
  • Cosmetic Brand Owners
  • Entrepreneurs in Health and Beauty Industry
  • Cosmetic Safety Testing Agencies
  • Cosmetic Private Label Manufacturers

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