Bromelain Extract

Pineapple Extract helps reduce wrinkles and dark spots on the face.

Thailand is one of the top three pineapple-producing and exporting countries in the world. The enzyme Bromelain was discovered in pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) in the study (Bromelain). These enzymes belong to the Cysteine protease group, which also includes Proteolytic enzymes, Peroxidase, Cellulases, Glycoproteins, Phosphatase, and Protease inhibitors, and are found in pineapple flesh, stems, fruits, rhizomes, and leaves. Non-toxic (non-harmful) enzyme that aids in the digestion of proteins, peptides, and amino acid esters. It has potential use in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic sectors. Because of its protein-degrading capabilities, bromelain is utilised in the food sector to soften meat, produce protein hydrolyzate, and make beer products clearer. Bromelain is utilised in the pharmaceutical sector. Bromelain has been used in digestive goods, anthelmintic medications, prevent tumour development and platelet aggregation, diuretics, rheumatoid arthritis therapy, and pressure reduction (Anti-hypertensive), and in the beauty business to aid with cell regeneration (peeling), acne, and anti-inflammatory. (Anti-inflammatory) medications are used to minimise swelling following the surgery. Moisturizing and helps with brightness.

The Use of Pineapple Bromelain in the Supplement Industry

Because of their capacity to break down protein peptide linkages, bromelain enzymes are mostly employed in the development of digestive goods. Reduces indigestion, loosens blood vessel constriction, reduces platelet aggregation, stimulates the production of Cytokine, which is a mediator when the body is inflamed or allergic, aids in anti-inflammatory, and stimulates the body’s immune system (Immunity), aiding in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Stop the breakdown of collagen fibres in the knee joint. Bromelain is easily absorbed by the digestive system, which includes the mouth, stomach, and intestines.


Pineapple Bromelain Application in Cosmetic Industries

Bromelain is unusual in its ability to effectively peel cells. Because it has the capacity to breakdown proteins, it helps to minimise skin cells that are harmed by the environment, such as sunlight or the skin cell cycle. Aids in wound healing by acting as an anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling and redness caused by inflammation. Reduced levels of pro-inflammatory chemicals such as Interleukin 1, Interleukin 6, and Interleukin 8 have strong anti-oxidant qualities, aiding in moisture retention and brightness (Brightening) Reduce the appearance of dark spots (anti-dark spot) and dullness.

Properties of bromelain from pineapples



Solve the problem of dullness, adjust the color of the skin to be white, smooth, consistent.



Reduce freckles and Dark spots.



Strengthen the immune system of the body.



Help with digestion Increase the efficiency of absorption of useful nutrients into the body.

Bromelain from pineapple study should be enhanced.

Bromelain is being developed in order to boost the enzyme’s stability. In the development of research and natural extracts, TIBD now collaborates with major research institutes both locally and abroad, such as Japan and Brazil. If, on the other hand, you are interested in co-investing in the form of research development, developing commercial patents, or continuing to make product recipes under your brand. You may get in touch with the firm by clicking here.




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