Skin Corrosion Test Services for Cosmetic Manufacturers and Business Owners in Thailand and Asia

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About Skin Corrosion Test

Skin corrosion refers to the irreversible damage caused to the skin when exposed to or in contact with corrosive chemical substances or mixtures. This damage manifests as visible necrosis, which involves the death of most or all cells in the affected tissue due to injury or disease. Skin corrosion is more severe than skin irritation because it cannot be reversed, as it affects not only the outermost layer of skin, known as the epidermis, but also extends into the deeper layer called the dermis.

Typical symptoms of skin corrosion include blackened or dead skin, swelling, numbness, blisters, pain, fluid accumulation, skin discoloration, redness, or a burning sensation in the affected area.

The Skin Corrosion Test is an in vitro test specifically designed to differentiate between corrosive and non-corrosive chemical substances or ingredients, in accordance with the UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling (GHS) Category 1. This test is a non-animal alternative that utilizes a reconstructed human epidermis (RHE) model, closely resembling the biochemical and physiological properties of the upper layers of human skin. The test employs non-transformed keratinocytes derived from humans as the cell source to construct an epidermal model with representative histology and cytoarchitecture.

6 Validated RhE test methods for Skin Corrosion Test

There are six validated RhE test methods for the Skin Corrosion Test, as approved by the OECD. These methods are as follows:
• EpiSkin™ (SM)
• EpiDerm™ SCT (EPI-200)
• SkinEthic™ RHE
• epiCS®

Genotoxicity Test for Cosmetic Ingredients and products in Thailand and Asia
Genotoxicity Test for Cosmetic Ingredients and products in Thailand and Asia

Who should Apply for Skin Corrosion tests?

Our customer base encompasses a diverse range of individuals and businesses, including those operating within the beauty industry. Here are some examples of the customers we serve:
• Suppliers of Cosmetic Ingredients
• Owners of Cosmetic Brands
• Entrepreneurs in the Health and Beauty Industry
• Agencies specializing in Cosmetic Safety Testing
• Manufacturers offering Cosmetic Private Labeling services


What are the benefits of conducting a Skin Corrosion Test?

There are several benefits for cosmetic brand owners in conducting skin corrosion tests. Here are a few among many advantages:
Ensuring consumer safety: By conducting these tests, you can ensure the safety of your consumers, as it helps identify any potential corrosive effects of your products on the skin.
Compliance with product safety regulations: Skin corrosion testing allows you to comply with the product safety regulations specific to your country. This ensures that your products meet the required standards and guidelines.
Safeguarding your company’s reputation: By proactively conducting skin corrosion tests, you can prevent any potential damage to your company’s image and brand reputation. It demonstrates your commitment to product safety and consumer well-being.
Supporting evidence for skin irritation claims: The test report serves as valuable evidence in case of any claims related to skin irritation. It provides documented proof of the safety measures taken and can help in resolving any disputes or concerns.
Utilizing test results in marketing campaigns: Positive test results can be utilized in your marketing campaigns to highlight the safety and non-corrosive nature of your products. It can enhance consumer trust and confidence in your brand.
Mitigating legal risks: By conducting skin corrosion tests, you minimize the risk of facing lawsuits that could potentially incur significant financial losses. It acts as a preventive measure, ensuring that your products meet safety standards and regulations.

Overall, conducting skin corrosion tests offers multiple benefits, ranging from ensuring consumer safety and compliance to protecting your brand’s image and minimizing legal liabilities.

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