Thai Businesses to Receive Financial Boost: Signing of Partnership Agreement between TIBD and Sinwattana Crowdfunding

Bangkok, Thailand – A landmark event took place today as Ms. Hong Sin Kwek, Managing Director of Sinwattana Crowdfunding Corporation Ltd. (SWTN), and Mr. Natchapol Somrak, Managing Director of Technopreneur International Business Developer Co., Ltd (TIBD) signed a partnership agreement. The objective of the partnership is to provide Thai companies with an easier and more accessible way to secure funding to help them grow and expand globally. The partnership will see TIBD and Sinwattana Crowdfunding working together to provide Thai companies with access to a range of funding options, including equity crowdfunding and debt securities crowdfunding.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Natchapol said, “Thai businesses have the potential to be leaders in their respective industries, but many lack the funding and resources to realize that potential. Our partnership with Sinwattana Crowdfunding will help Thai businesses overcome that challenge, by providing them with access to the funding they need to grow and succeed.”

Ms. Kwek added, “Sinwattana Crowdfunding is committed to support Thai businesses and helping them reach their full potential. We believe that our strategic partnership with TIBD will help us achieve that goal, by providing businesses with access to a range of funding options, and the expertise they need to succeed.”

The signing of the partnership agreement marks a new chapter for both companies, as they work together to support Thai businesses and help them reach new heights. The partnership is expected to provide a significant boost to the Thai economy, as businesses are able to secure the funding they need to grow and expand. Through the partnership, Sinwattana Crowdfunding will provide financial services in the forms of equity crowdfunding and debt security crowdfunding, while TIBD will provide business curation services, mentorship, training, and resources to help companies establish their businesses.

The partnership is also expected to have a positive impact on the crowdfunding industry in Thailand, as more businesses turn to this innovative form of funding to help them reach their goals. Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it provides businesses with a way to raise funds from a large number of people, without having to rely on traditional forms of funding and difficulty securing and obtaining financial services.

In a report by The Nation Thailand published on March 16, 2022, more than half – 63 percent – of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Thailand have been unable to secure sufficient, or any, funding on at least one or more occasions over the last five years. With this, the partnership between TIBD, and Sinwattana Crowdfunding will address this industry problem and is a positive step forward for the Thai business community as it is expected to have a lasting impact on the country’s economy. Both companies are committed to working together to help Thai businesses succeed and are confident that this milestone partnership will be a success.