Scar Improvement Test for Business Owners in Thailand and Asia

Depigmentation Performance Test

TIBD offers a Scar Improvement Test service to businesses in Thailand and Asia. TIBD is a company with a strong focus on deep technology of health and beauty, and has an extensive expertise in this field. We believe in strong collaboration and in bringing in all expertise together in order to provide an excellent service to its customers. TIBD is in collaboration with top universities and research and development institutes in Thailand and around the globe.

Our head office is located in Bangkok, Thailand and we are happy to meet you in person and provide you consultation services regarding the Scar Improvement Test and our other services that you are interested in. We also offer a wide range of Efficacy Testing services for cosmetic products.

What is a Scar Improvement Test?

Scar improvement ( scar reduction) test is a clinical trial to evaluate a tested product for the effect on scar reduction in comparison to the baseline (untreated) skin. This test is conducted by recruiting 10 individual volunteers between the ages of 20 and 60. However, the selection of volunteers can be customized based on the target groups of the tested product. Those volunteers will be using the tested products for a period of time. The length of time will be 4, 8, and 12 weeks. The testing of a scar improvement test is conducted with international standard modern equipment.

A signed informed consent is obtained before the volunteers are admitted to participate in the trial.

The test will be closely observed and monitored by experienced and accredited clinical evaluators or professionals. The findings during the testing period will be recorded in photographs. The efficacy and performance of the tested product will be evaluated and determined after the end of the test period. The findings of the product analysis and performance will be detailed in a report.

Some of efficacy performance tests such as Whitening / Lightening / Brightening, Depigmentation, Anti-wrinkles, Firming, Moisturizing, Non-comedogenic / Non-acnegenic, Scar Improvement, Non-drying/Transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and Sebum-Control can be conducted as a bundle or individually.

Depigmentation Performance Test
Depigmentation Performance Test

Who should Apply for a Scar Improvement Test?

We serve a wide range of companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical markets, such as:

  • Cosmetic natural active Ingredient extract Suppliers
  • Cosmetic Brand Owners
  • Entrepreneurs in Health and Beauty Industry
  • Cosmetic Safety Testing Agencies
  • Cosmetic Private Label Manufacturers.
  • Supplement manufacturers

What are the benefits of conducting a Scar Improvement Test?

There are many benefits associated with conducting  a Scar Improvement Test. Some of the benefits from many are as followed:

  • Proven research and results increase the credibility of the products and ingredients
  • The test results can be used in marketing campaigns
  • Proven research and result increase confidence of customers to try the products
  • Business owners will be able to prevent themselves from spending huge investment in time and money if the products or ingredients are not effective as expected.
  • The analysis report of the effectiveness and the usage guideline of the product and ingredient are expected by customers.

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