Impacts on Cosmetics Industry during Coronavirus Pandemic

Impacts on Cosmetics Industry during Coronavirus Pandemic
There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly influenced people’s daily lives. In addition to the impact on the transport and food industries, changes were felt in consumer behavior in relation to beauty and personal care products. In fact, the global beauty industry (including personal care, hair, fragrances and cosmetics) has been impacted decisively by the coronavirus crisis.

The current scenario during the pandemic

Despite the initial impacts, the beauty industry reacted positively to the crisis, with brands changing manufacturing to produce hand sanitizers and cleaning agents. Moreover, activities of online selling have increased powered from big companies’ e-commerce activities up to small entrepreneurs selling online. Simultaneously, industry leaders have been striving to survive as the 500 billion USD global beauty cosmetics industry employs millions of jobs, both directly and indirectly. With the pandemic, it brought impacts on the way consumption of beauty and cosmetics products.

Short-term influence on hair care

Due to social isolation policies, people are spending most of their time at home, including working remotely. In this scenario, it is natural for consumers to reduce the frequency with which they wash their hair. From this, it is possible to predict that, in a short period, categories related to hair cleaning – shampoos, conditioners etc. – will have a drop in purchases. However, with the relief of the epidemic situation, this should improve in the medium and long term.

Big impact on colorful cosmetics

Colorful cosmetics – such as makeup, lipsticks, nail polish, etc. – became less relevant during this period of social isolation. It is likely that, during the quarantine – and even a little later – the recovery of that category will be relatively slow. On the other hand, despite the enormous impact, there are some positive signs when considering the new lifestyle and work among young generations. The growing popularity of videoconferences and lives on social media means that many young consumers still wear makeup. Also, local laws and regulations have made obligatory wearing of face masks, and in some countries, facial shields. With this, there is a booming trend of fashion of highlighting make-up that is complimentary with the face mask usage as everyone enters the “new normal” period.

Increasing awareness of body cleansing and skin care

Care with cleaning the body, led by the act of washing hands more frequently, is certainly a category with a more positive scenario. In addition, due to the longer time at home, the lack of physical exercise and the use of face protection masks, skin care will also be influenced. There will be a greater need for hand creams. These behaviors will also be relevant for the recovery of the skin care category. [See also: Maintaining Healthy Skin and Why It Matters] It is no doubt that the world will recover and coronavirus will be just a past that we will study and will be embedded on our history books. The world will return to normal and cosmetics industry will return to its robust growth.