Maintaining Healthy Skin and Why it Matters

Maintaining Healthy Skin and Why it Matters
Conducting daily activities both indoors and outdoors in tropical countries has its own challenges for women’s skin, starting from exposure to the sun, air pollution, to being in an air-conditioned room for a long time.Without realizing it, these daily activities, if done without maintaining skin health by using lotion every day, actually have a further impact on health.

Role of Lotion for Healthy Skin

Recent studies shows that many women only focus on maintaining the health and brightness of facial skin, but tend to ignore skin care as a whole.In fact, the skin is the outermost and widest layer that protects our bodies from the outside environment. Apart from functioning as a sense organ and means of excretion, the skin helps retain moisture and for immunity or immunity. With this, the use of lotion is not only for softening and brightening the skin. More importantly, their use is very important for health. Lotion is able to provide nutrients to the skin from the outside and maintain good skin regeneration ability. [See also: Impacts of Pollution on Skin and How to Combat It] Experts suggests that it is very important to keep the skin supple and healthy, because the quality of the skin not only determines the aesthetic appearance but also provides optimal protection. They also explained that the skin regeneration cycle will slow down further as we get older, so it needs extra nutrients. By giving nutrition through the right body lotion, it will produce healthy skin that is supple and bright.

Importance of Healthy Ingredients in Skincare and Cosmetics

It is said that the function of the skin is to regulate body temperature, as a stimulant, regulator of evaporation, excretion, absorption, and water retention which will remain optimal if maintained by providing nutrients through the right body lotion. Skin experts advise that it can be done by choosing care products that have healthy ingredients and use them regularly, because healthy skin conditions cannot be obtained instantly. In addition, healthy skin is most easily indicated by a texture that is supple to the touch and bright evenly colored. [See also: Spotlight: Clean Beauty Trend]

Healthy Skin Prevents Premature Aging

As experts explain, healthy skin does not only makes us feel comfortable in our activities but also prevents premature aging. Researches have suggested that skin aging has started since the age of 20 years. This happens not only because of the age factor but also due to other several factors that influences it such as stress, nutritional intake, and rest periods. As advised, people can prevent premature aging by exercising habit in regularly providing nutrition to the skin. [See also: The Search for Eternal Beauty: Combating Skin Aging]